Dragon Mania Legends Cheat Codes | Unlimited Gems And Gold

The new mobile game Dragon Mania Legends allows you to “breathe life into dragons and prepare them for legendary battles” as described in the title. With over 100 different types of dragons to be trained in the game, things can be a bit overwhelming if you are newbie, but the following Dragon Mania Legends cheats can help you defeat the evil Vikings and train some formidable dragons during the game.

This is a city-building game because your goals include “rebuilding Dragonlandia,” but it is also a monster breeding game when you raise dragon cubs and help them turn into formidable warriors to fight against invading Vikings

Collect From Dragon Lairs Without Waiting For The Coin Icon

Depending on the type of dragon and its lair, you can make your dragons collect coins and earn yourself a certain amount of money. The coin icon shows that the maximum amount of money that it can hold is almost reached in the den, but you do not need to wait for this icon to appear; Collect long before the badge appears, and your dragons will often accumulate more gold.


Iron your dragons regularly to get coins and gem. To do this, click on their icon in the habitat, and then swipe them. Consider the next turn after the start of the game. Start collecting resources and feed your dragons. Then create a new lineup and fight if possible. When done, go through your dragons and stroke them. By this time, some of your tasks in the queue will be completed.


Some people simply do not pay attention to the battles in games, but in this Dragon Mania Legends, really you need to pay attention to what is happening around you during the battle. You always want to know how your attacks affect the enemy Viking, and make sure that you use your dragon to attack at the ideal time because time affects whether the strike deals damage, and if so, what damage is applied. Sometimes, if you move a little to the left or to the right, the blow can ultimately cause critical damage, or it can miss the Viking all together.

so know how your dragon’s attacks affect each enemy. You want to make sure that you pay attention to how the Viking reacts to every dragon and every hit, as some may be more immune to attacks than others. This will help you level up faster, as well as find out which dragons can do which attacks and which powers.

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Grow Food And Upgrade Farms Regularly

Since dragons are a hungry character, you should focus on managing a productive farm and the maximum number of farms allowed. Regularly update your farms and cultivate food that will control the hunger of your dragons, depending on how often you play the game. For example, you should allow several hours to cultivate food if you are one of those who play once a day.

Breeding Rare Dragons

When you breed dragons, you might think that getting a rare dragon will be just one chance, but it is not. Breeding rare dragons require a lot of time and patience, and in most cases, you will not meet a rare dragon on the first try. probably you will need to breed at least three or four times to get a rare dragon, so don’t let it fall if you encounter problems in your first few attempts.


When feeding your dragons, don’t waste food. Throw it carefully. Once your dragons have reached level five or higher, one fruit can be a lot of food. Stop throwing when the level sensor is full.


For earning coins in the easiest way is to have the maximum number of houses at any time. Fill them with dragons. Update your house and dragons. Replace the dragons when you get the best.


You can send the best dragon to the academy using scrolls. Due to the limited number of free reels, only the best dragon (with multiple elements) can be sent to the academy. It is better to have three well-developed dragons rather than many low-level dragons.


When choosing dragons for use in battle, remember that certain elements are stronger than other elements. Use dragons that have items that will give you an edge.

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Breeding combinations:

For breeding the corresponding dragon, use the following combinations.
Agave Fire, Water, Plant
AlienVoid, Metal, Plant
ArmoredMetal, Earth
AshLeaf, Meteor
AuroraMetal, Energy, Void
Banana DragonPlant, Water, Energy
Bee DragonFire, Wind
Black ArmorEarth, Wind, Metal
Blueflame DragonWater, Void, Fire
Boiling DragonFire, Water
BrickEnergy, Earth
CandyPlant, Water
ClayEarth, Water, Energy
CloudWater, Winds
ClownfishWater, Earth, Wind
CoralMetal, Plant, Water
CyborgMetal, Plant
DoomVoid, Energy
DraculaVoid, Metal, Wind
Dust DragonWind, Earth
EelWater, Energy
ElementalEarth, Water, Fire
Elemental DragonLava, Snow
Emerald DragonPlant, Energy, Earth
GeigerEarth, Energy
GeyserFire, Water, Energy
Golden Crow Dragon Energy, Metal, Plant
HoneyPlant, Energy
Ice Dragon Wind, Water
Ironcast Metal, Fire, Energy
Jaws Void, Water
Jelly DragonVoid, Energy, Water
Lava DragonEarth, Fire
LeafPlant, Wind
LightningEnergy, Wind
LuminoFire, Void
MagnetEarth, Void
MelonWater, Plant
MercuryMetal, Water
MeteorEnergy, Fire
MinotaurEarth, Metal
MistVoid, Wind
MudEarth, Water
NightshadePlant, Void
OrangeFire, Leaf, Earth
PlasmaFire, Energy
PricklyVoid, Plant
RainWater, Void
RainbowEnergy, Water
RazorMetal, Wind
RegalWind, Metal, Water
Ruby DragonEarth, Energy, Fire
RootEarth, Water, Plant, Wind
RustMetal, Water, Earth
Salamander DragonFire, Earth
SeedWind, Plant
ShardVoid, Metal
Smoke DragonWind, Fire
SnowWater, Earth
Storm Energy, Wind, Void
Fire, Plant
Swamp Void, Earth, Plant
TeslaEnergy, Metal
Tiger DragonEnergy, Plant, Fire
TornadoWind, Metal
ToxicPlant, Energy, Void
TreeEarth, Plant
Tribal Fire, Earth, Wind
UVMetal, Energy
VenomPlant, Metal
WarMetal, Fire
WitchEnergy, Void

Keep Running The Game In the Background:

You might think that running games in the background does not make sense, but this is not the case for this game. You can earn a lot of coins by simply running the game on your device in the background, and this works for both iOS and Android. It happens that dragons in a game will reset a certain amount of gold at regular intervals, so if you are logged in and the game is running, you can collect gold coins without even playing the game. These gold coins stack up after a while when you play in the background, and, of course, they will maximize after a certain time every day. This is an easy way to earn gold without having to complete missions or play a game, and it can help you upgrade faster and level up.


Finally, now the Secret of Dragon Mania game is on your hand. So you can enjoy the game with full features with the help of Dragon Mania Legends cheats technique.