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The dragon was the greatest mystery of all time, many people believe in dragons, and many do not. But it didn’t matter if they were present or not. What matters is how you can train and how you can create your own kite. After exploring many games, I discovered the Dragon Mania Legends which tells about the advancement, training, and struggle with your dragon.

Dragon Mania Legends 

At the start, I discovered that this game is amazing in terms of some other games, such as Dragon City, but after the game, I found that the game has a lot of hidden features that you will learn after playing this game. The game is a mixture of simulation and strategy, where you can chat with your friends to discuss strategies.

Make your own city where the dragon will play an important role. Give training your dragon to battle with powerful monsters, friends, and games. You will discover a lot of occult worlds and a mysterious island where you can make your dragon more strong. The game provides you with a great experience and excellent design.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Gameloft, a leader in game development and distribution, always games developing for digital platforms, has developed Dragon Mania Legends game which is an amazing casual dragon game.

In this game, you can be the responsible and owner of the dragon island. You can look after your dragon pets, as well as attract the attention of your pets, feed them, hug them, and care for your pets to get extra gold and special bonuses. In addition, just train your pets, make them skilled warriors, and fight them in any battle or competition. In addition, you can create your own dream island and customize your city according to your choice with many new buildings and amazing decorations. You can join the breed to your favored collection of dragons about 350 different species in the game.

Dragon Mania Legends game

In this beautiful Dragon Mania Legends game, you can send your dragon pets on a journey across the earth, reach their major leagues, and improve their skills in the upcoming and every new battle. More and more Android users can take their children to training academies to improve their skills and teach them how to withstand special attacks and fight them. So this is an amazing game for all age groups, including men, women, and children. Just download the free version of Dragon Mania Legends to your Android device and get access to more than 100 different types of dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends is an exceptional game for all age groups. You can create many habits on your dragon island. You can train your dragon before joining the battle. Teach and teach them how to deal with special attacks. You must choose the right path and explore a huge world with more than 100 points of interest. Challenge others and give tough time. Use the power of the dragon and defeat your opponents. Fight with other players and win many exciting prizes.

Game Features

  • Create your own Dragon kingdom full of habitats and other fun things and go to your friends’ islands for visiting
  • Get to know the individual personality of each dragon, how you interact with them, and educate them.
  • Explore the world on your own, conquering the Golden Mines or freeing Dragolandia from the Vikings
  • Dozens of dragon species that can be found in various elementary families, each of which has special abilities.
  • 3 to 3 strategic battles that will not let you get bored, be it a battle with friends or with Viking lords
  • New events all the time: complete them with friends to get the funniest and biggest prizes!

Dragon Mania Legends Update

Dragon Mania Legends is a city making game where you build your city, breed dragons and fight against Vikings. The game for Windows Phone has been updated to version to add a few more game features, but most significantly increases the cost of the game.

The Windows Phone Store does not have a list of changes for this update, but if you install the game and tap the Gameloft symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, you can find the changes listed in the “News” section.

Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is a free game

Although Dragon Mania Legends is a free game on the Windows Phone Store, you have the option of purchasing in-app items used during the game. These supplies can be earned during the game, but it can take some time. Such as, you have to give him food grown on farms that you create in your city for upgrading the level of a dragon. The food amount required to level up your dragons with the upgrade.

Also, you see a growth in the number of scrolls and gold require to train dragons and build up their efficiency. More, the amount will add to the cost to upgrade the habitats and the amount of gold required to eliminate barriers when you clear up the field to make new construction.

Because of these developments, you will need more time to complete the game or to make purchases in the application, and all this takes a little pleasure from the game.

Another drawback of this update is that it is 99 MB, and after launching the updated version of the game, another 19 MB is required to complete the installation of graphical content.

On the other hand, this update reduces the amount of power needed to use Focus Attack in battle, builds more clean graphics on, and breeding tips are accessible from the map. It looks like you have more chances for an online battle.

Leave your thinking in the comments below if you are a fan of Dragon Mania Legends. This is still an excellent game, and city makers are a long-term game project by nature. I’m worried about this update which will delay the gameplay too much.

Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK

The Kingdom Lifestyle

Dragon Mania Legend gives a world and great performances. Also for handling the amazing kingdom, always you have to ensure that the farms in the kingdom are working accurately to make a food source for the dragon. Besides, if you want to increase skills, you can update it to the building. For fighting efficiency training, also you can send dragons to Dragon Academy. In addition, Longdong takes time to collect food or develop housing, usually tens of seconds, sometimes even minutes.

How to play

Dragon Mania Legends will provide players with detailed instructions during the game so that they can easily get used to the gameplay. In addition, many characters will appear to guide you. Players also complete various missions, including raising dragons, building empires, and fighting Viking dragons.

In addition, you can regularly monitor tasks by pressing the task button located in the lower-left corner of the screen. At this time, a task list will appear, in which new tasks are marked with exclamation points flickering on the side. The mission system that exists in Dragon Mania Legends includes raising dragons, feeding them, building houses for them, and training them in fighting the Viking dragons. Players will help you get points such as gold, gems, or dragon food after finishing each mission.

Once you enter the dragon control, you must build farms to get food for the dragons. In addition, you must build a habitat for each type of dragon. For example, fire dragons will remain in volcanoes; water dragons will live in a lake … but you cannot let dragons roam the kingdom. Creating new structures, upgrading old ones, collecting food, and raising dragons will cost you a lot of gold and precious stones. However, you don’t have to worry too much about this problem, because Dragon Mania Legends can help you earn a lot of gold and precious stones in many ways.

Comfortable Game play

Dragon Mania Legends has a relatively slow and comfortable game pace, which is suitable for recreation. You select and manage tasks, in addition to controlling your dragon. Some missions take a certain amount of time to complete, but you can reduce this time by using gems.

In addition, the main types of currency in the game are gold and precious stones. There are many ways to raise money, for example, completing a task, stroking your dragons, or buying for real money.

What about matches? You will have to spend a unit of energy for each battle. After using all this energy, you cannot continue to fight. Thus, you need to wait until this energy tube is full, every 15 minutes the energy unit is restored, or you can use the money to buy energy. This style of play is also very popular in similar gaming genres.

Final word

If you like kite games, this game is for you. Dragon Mania gives you many benefits, such as graphics, sound, and game play. Since the game was developed by Game, you will not be disappointed with the game play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK download is free?
Yes, it is 100% free of cost. You need not worry about this fact.
Does this app require proper rooting to install?
No! this app doesn’t require any rooting; you can easily download and install apps from this app store.
Are the apps easy to download?
YES, all the apps which are provided by this app store are very easy to download, such that you don’t have to follow any difficult steps. You just have to click on install button to get your favorite app downloaded.
Is it safe to use?
YES, this game is completely safe. This app was initially verified for examining its compatibility and security, then was launched in market, so it is totally safe to use.